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Whether you need a good general cleaning of your rugs or carpets or you need tile or upholstery cleaning, why not choose At Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning? Our Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning technicians have built a strong reputation for providing first class, quality service with superior carpet cleaning precision. Our Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning professional staff is experienced, safe, insured, and licensed. Our priority is providing the highest quality, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service, at affordable prices.  We constantly update our carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaning equipment to guarantee your fine fabrics are cleaned with the latest advanced carpet cleaning service methods available.

Because there are so many methods to clean carpets you will require our professional Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning technicians to recommend the best and safest cleaning method for your investment.  They will explain exactly what's going to be done and answer any questions you might have about your cleaning job. Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning will provide you with the complete Carpet Cleaning Service that you expect from truly professional carpet cleaners. To see why we are the premiere carpet cleaning service around check out our Carpet Cleaning page.

For Upholstery Cleaning we recommend regular cleaning of all your upholstered furniture, the time between cleanings will vary depending on your lifestyle. Children and pets tend to make dirt and grime accumulate faster.  Also color and fabric type are also important considerations. No matter what type of furniture or upholstery fabric you have in your home, our Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning technicians are trained to clean them properly and safely.  You never have to worry that your furniture will be ruined.  

Even the best pets have an accident now and then. Our Pet Stain Removal Service can help. We can remove many stubborn gruesome stains that once seemed impossible to remove. Even difficult to remove Pet Urine, and Pet Odors can be safely extracted from your carpets by our commercial grade truck mount hot-water extraction units.  So if you have dog urine, cat urine, dog spots or cat spots, don't worry, give us a call and we will take care of the problem.  We also deodorize your carpets and rugs in order to remove the inevitable odor that can build up in all carpets and rugs.